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David's Harp is a small shop in Island Pond, Vermont, whose ultimate goal and purpose is to make quality, hand-made instruments. We, as luthiers, specialize in building custom guitars, but we do much more; from violins, basses and cello's, to harps, zithers, and mountain dulcimers. Check out some of the pictures of our musical instruments. Our guitars are all custom work; that of which the customer requests. If you would like to make a request please send us an email to info@significant-signs.com or give us a call: (802) 723-6166. We don't do a lot of instrument marketing, because we live in a community and we have many brothers and sisters who need instruments from us, this makes us pretty busy along with our other work. However, upon request, we would be glad to negotiate building any custom musical instruments you would like. Just contact us. We also sell and install quality pickups including LRBaggs, Fishman, K&K Sound and much more... We also sell musical accessories such as mini amps, tuners, instrument cases. At this time we don't have them listed so you can't buy them off our site. Please call, email, or just simply stop by for any service we can offer you. We do musical instrument repair also at fair prices. Just let us know what you need.


David's Harp
47 Railroad Street
Island Pond, VT 05846
Telephone: (802) 723-6166
Email: info@significant-signs.com

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